Sunday, September 21, 2008

What type of longboard suits you??

Length of the board – typically the longer the board the easier it is to maintain your balance. As the length gets longer you lose maneuverability.
Width of the board – if you have clod hopper feet I recommend a board that’s at least 9 inches wide. This is important because you don’t want to your feet to hit your wheels as you’re turning. Besides, it looks funny when your huge feet are hanging over the sides of the board.
Flex of the board – finding a flex to fit your weight is important. For heavy riders it’s imperative to find a board that won’t bow beneath your feet. For light weights you have a lot of options open to you. A stiff board will make you go fast and you get the most out of your push offs, but you will feel every bump you hit. A flexy board will soak up the bumps and give you a softer ride.
Traffic – both on the street and on the sidewalk. If you ride mainly on the street I suggest a board in the 40-50 inch range. This board is long enough you can maintain good balance and also short enough you can dodge a few dumb drivers. Boards of this length also do well at higher speeds. If you’re riding in an area with heavy foot traffic, try out a mini longboard AKA a campus cruiser. These boards are easy to maneuver and they don’t take up that much space on the sidewalk. They’re also easy to throw in a backpack or tote around between classes or while running errands.
Graphics – cool graphics will get you stoked about cruising. Also, if you need to stop off and check something and you have to carry your board, people will notice your graphic. Choose something that will set you apart.

Taken from: by Xenos

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